CAD and Laser Guided Robotic Surveying Equipment at the EcoTarium

    Feb 15, 2024

    Martin Brothers is passionate about supporting nonprofit and educational institutions throughout central Massachusetts. The EcoTarium, a science and nature museum in Worcester Massachusetts, opened its Measurement Rules exhibit on Saturday February 4th. Martin Brothers Contracting was present to display the accuracy of using CAD and laser guided robotic surveying equipment for the measurement and layout of construction projects. Long time Martin Brothers employees Chris M., Tim S., and Zach S. put on a demonstration that was one of several interactive exhibits available for families to learn all about measurement and mathematics.

     A robotic total station is an advanced surveying tool that allows Martin Brothers to apply the accuracy of Computer Aided Design (CAD) to measurement and layout operations in the field. Our robotic total station can automatically perform tasks and calculations that would have to be done by hand using traditional surveying tools. Our robotic total stations can measure and calculate the area or volume of particular job site features which allows our crew to take on complex and specialized projects. Applying cutting edge technologies like the robotic total station is just one of the ways Martin Brothers has been able to increase productivity to better serve our clients.

     The EcoTarium’s Measurement and Rules exhibit will be on display through May 2024.

     Visit the Spectrum News Article to learn more: EcoTarium holds ribbon cutting for Measurement Rules travel exhibit.